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  • Member: frogmelon
  • Title: Kingdom Hearts - Time to Burn
  • Premiered: 2006-12-17
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    • The Rasmus Time To Burn
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  • Comments: This video is my interpretation of Roxas's struggle to distance himself from the Organization, including severing his ties to Axel. It's not meant to be shonen-ai, though I know people will take it in whatever context they want. The song, "Time to Burn" by The Rasmus, seemed perfect for a video starring Axel and Roxas. I wanted to convey Roxas's mixed emotions about the friendship he has given up with Axel as well as the confusion surrounding his own past and present. I put a lot of effort into making the scene changes and character actions match up with the music. Please comment, I'd love to get some feedback so I can continue to improve my video editing skills!

    Here are the lyrics to "Time to Burn" by The Rasmus:

    Fear of the dark tears me apart
    won't leave me alone, and time keeps running out

    Just one more life, I'm so sick and tired
    of singing the blues, I should turn my life around

    Tell me why do I feel this way
    all my life I`ve been standing on the borderline
    too many bridges burned
    too many lies I've heard
    I had life but I can't go back
    I can't do that, it will never be the same again
    and I know I don't
    have any time to burn

    they follow me home, disturbing my sleep
    but I'll find a place, a place where they cannot find me
    maybe I'm lost, and maybe I'm scared
    but too many times I've closed the doors behind me

    (CHORUS: Tell me why..)

    leave it all behind
    cross the borderline
    face the truth, don't have any time to...
    don't have any time to burn

    (CHORUS: Tell me why..)

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