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  • Member: Autraya
  • Title: Resurrection AKA (Buta no Kami wo taosu)
  • Premiered: 2006-12-08
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    • Sparse Intro
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  • Comments: This is my first vid done in Premiere after years of using WMM.
    I'd like to start of by saying Adobe is 'evil', and there was some weird sh!t happening in my life when I put this together.

    The story according to me (Resurrection):
    Deep in the forest the warrior lies dying, he has seen may battles against the boars and took it upon himself to remove the warmonger in the battle mask (mononoke) away from his people and was shot for it. The deer god of the forest resurrects him and the warrior rides out of the mists, out of the dreaming slumber. He senses danger and rides to the rescue of his village once more as the evil boar god has summoned one of his minions to destroy the village. I decided not to fade out at the end because I wanted the last image to stay with the viewer.

    The 'real' story according to sweetdeily (who didn't create this amv):
    Autraya saw Minion's Christmas hat, and decided that she wanted antlers on her icon. But she's an adobe 'tard and couldn't figure out how to do it so she created this amv, because the deer god has antlers. The first half of this amv is about her antler fetish so just ignore it. The second half is about 'Buta no Kami, wo Taosu' so that is what I have named this piece (it's all about the cute piggies!! really it is!)

    All up this took 30 hours and about 2 weeks. The music and anime choice change 3 times each, in the end I went with sparse to be more original... I didn't want this to turn into 'another' pretty mononoke amv.
    The concept/story came to me while editing since this was originally meant to be an experiment in how to use CS2, premiere and various AMVAPP programs properly.
    Needless to say this was an extremely steep learning curve for me. and I would like to thank Scintilla, Qyot27, Kariudo (even though I didn't end up using your suggestion) for your help on forum when I had hiccups and was as the end of my tether with trying to solve 'little problems.
    Colin thank you for the music!!
    And lastly panadol, you were my best friend, esp when premiere wasn't!
    I don't like this amv, which means I don't really care if anyone else does either, what I am interested in is some technical feedback/advice on it.

    DVD Decrypter,
    AVIsynth (cleaned footage, converted 16:9 n stuff)
    Premiere (edited avi files not synths)
    AVIsynth (cleaned footage, again?)
    Vdubmod, 1st pass only

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