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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: Promise kept
  • Premiered: 2006-12-09
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    • Charlie Clouser Hello Zepp
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  • Comments: Tired of AC video? Yeah, I bet..

    And so I did have time to make a video this weekend. I burnt down (yes, I did, so sue me) the english version (itīs a shame, I know) of AC on a cd and brought it to my dadīs. And then I got the saw soundtrack from a friend and started to make a video. I was first suppose to make a video for the whole soundtrack, but changed my mind and made a trailer instead.

    Some of the voice overs can be pretty hard to hear, I know that, but I dont think it affects the video all that much. Some of you have probably seen AC a couple of times so you may know whatīs being said, but for you who havenīt, Iīm gonna write it down (in order) here;

    Cloud - I said Iīd live both our lives. Easy to make that promise.
    Tifa - you have geostigma, dont you?
    Tifa - Youīre gonna give up and die, is that it?, So it is..
    Cloud - There is no cure
    Tifa - Just run!
    Kadaj - .. and strike back at the planet!
    Tifa (in background) - Which is it.. a memory or us?
    Cloud (thinking) - I let you die..
    Denzel/Kadaj screaming - Heīll come back.. he said that he would

    I think Iīm pretty happy with the outcome of this, even though I couldīve made it a bit different (As always). Iīm not too fond of making action videos, and to be honest Iīm not too good at it either, but when I got a hold of this soundtrack (which I am deeply and completely in love with) I just knew I had to make a video for it. I think Iīm gonna make another video like this with the entire song when I have the time.. whenever that will be.

    Anyway, download AMWs til your hearts content. Adios!

    Enjoy ^^

    PS. Dont let the low MB amount fool you. The quality is as good as it gets, itīs just that the video is as short as 1:14 min long. So dont worry, itīs not blurry or in horrible condition ;D DS.

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