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  • Member: Autraya
  • Title: The Last One Standing
  • Premiered: 2006-12-01
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    • Nickleback Savin' Me
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  • Comments: Autraya here (not Sweetdeily).
    This is the long story behind this AMV.

    I woke up several days in a row to the radio/alarm going off and each time they played Savin' Me by Nickleback. I got hooked on the song and after a few weeks realised the onlyway to get it out of my head was to create another AMV. I thought aaawww no there are so many AMV's to Nickleback but the beat made me think it would be easy to edit to and the song was driving me nuts. So I downloaded the song.
    Then one of my friends came over and dropped off Fafner, 'thanks for lending this to me, i've used this new program to rip each disk and they are under 1GB each' he says.
    'You did WHAT? Gimmie! *snatches laptop*"
    As you will notice there are clips from nearly every episode!
    I then had to explain the Fafner story line to Sweetdeily & Truck at which point the idea for this amv came dawned on me, 10 pilots 9 deaths who will be the last one standing (who is responsible for sending them to their deaths, was it festum controling him or revenge)? And it's about time I tried to lipsync properly!! The other major change is it's not linear at all which most of my AMV's have been, this story is about the deaths/sacrifice of the pilots.

    Programs used(in order):
    Xilisoft Platnium
    AVIsynth (thanks Scintilla & Qyot27)
    VDub mod & Huffy
    WMM with *PIP (thanks 8bit_samurai & sirvayza )
    Adobe Photoshop CS2

    I put together 2/3 of the AMV and then got a comment on an earlier vid about deinterlacing (WTF? went back to READFAG), it was about this time that the first half of the vid was missbehaving in WMM as it does each time. so I exported and used AVIsynth for the first time to clean the footage. Now I understand why ErMac & AD say not to 'clean' footage with effects in it oh boy was it stuffed up!
    reimported it and sliced it like this, editing style notes:
    .01-.11 orginal export, character intro film is grainy on purpose
    .11 -.45 cleaned footage, tried to hit beats with movement not flashing, used the dreaded keyhole effect (didn't realise everyone hated it, flip screen because I had run out of useful effects)
    .46 - .48 orginal export, the disolve wouldn't work in cleaned footage
    .48- .51 cleaned footage
    .51-.52 original export, it's meant to be grainy it's a flashback
    53-.54 cleaned footage
    .54 - 1.05 cleaned footage change editing style to flashes see which works best?
    1.06 - 1.52 cleaned footage, combine flashes with movements and changed editing style again
    1.53 - 1.56 original export, it's meant to be grainy it's a flashback
    1.57 - 2.01cleaned footage, combine flashes with movements finally got *PIP working!!
    2.01 -2.24 Top half of screen onwards is import footage direct from Xilisoft, laid off the white flashes
    2.25 - 3.29 footage from Xilisoft , no flashes, just cutting, yes I know the shot of Soushi smiling has been used before, it's there on purpose.
    3.30 - 3.33 cut and faded the song, Photoshop pic for outro/credits.

    This whole AMV turned into one big experiment hope you all didn't mind and still enjoy it!

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