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  • Member: sweetdeily
  • Title: Mighty Morphin' Hellsing Rangers
  • Premiered: 2006-11-30
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    • Trailer Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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  • Comments: Yes, you read that right.

    Um... just don't ask where I got the power-rangers trailer from and we can all remain safe. *shifty eyes*

    I did this one in a few hours while procrastinating over Nanowrimo. Footage is a bit pixelated because I ripped from DVD and didn't AviSynth (Autraya tried to aviSynth for me but it ass raped my precious lipsync!) but it's better than fansub at least.

    Warning: This may disturb you on several different levels. I think it's the fact that Alucard is Ivine Ooze.

    Aut and Truck had this to say once they were capable of speech again:

    And you call me disturbed for killing heroes!!
    this is so F@CKED UP that I now pronouce u disowned!!

    [i]my advice? seek help![/i]

    *giggle* Are you still game, my pretties? Right this way....

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