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  • Member: Reigna
  • Studio: Visualized Nightmare Studios
  • Title: Teal Nom With Rop
  • Premiered: 2006-11-29
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  • Song:
    • Mae We're So Far Away
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  • Comments: “It’s so close, but we’re so far away”

    The relationship between two characters that are distant physically, but so close emotionally. Two characters that are always hesitant with their feelings, though their thoughts are the same. The relationship between distance and love. Simplicity.

    That is what this video is about.

    My goals with this video were fairly straightforward. I wanted to make a video that did my favorite anime series and an amazing band justice, and to do it in a way that would bring out the beauty of both pieces in their purest forms. To achieve this, I tried to keep things simple and clear, and let the elegance of the show and music to speak for itself. Although these goals went along with the actual video, there were other things that I was striving for throughout the process. As a new editor, I took every experience I had making this video as something to learn from. I found that trying to show a relationship based off a dialogue-driven series would prove to be as much as a challenge as working with a song that consisted of solely a vocal and piano track. Being limited in terms of obvious synch points and footage allowed me to move away from the kind of video I last edited and to expand my own knowledge. Those were some of the things I was shooting for, but the viewer can be the judge of whether the video attained these goals or not. For a more detailed account on the production of this AMV, take a look at my journal on this site.

    A huge thanks to the guys (Kristyrat, Kisanzi, SenshiMamoru, and Valion!) over at Visualized Nightmare Studios for helping throughout all of this. A special thanks to Koopiskeva and Kalium for beta testing and being Mae and Seikai gurus.

    By the way, Teal Nom is peach juice, and Rop is a type of fruit from the series. Simply a drink.

    Any comments, feedback, and/or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!

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