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  • Member: sweetdeily
  • Title: Alchemist endings
  • Premiered: 2006-10-20
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    • Nightwish End of all hope
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  • Comments: Sweet says: I really liked doing the start and end, but I was viciously ass raped by the computer around the middle. This is the latest thing I've done, and I think it has room for improvement. Yes it is Nightwish, yes it is heavy metal- but admit it, you probably wouldn't download it if it wasn't. ^^;;;
    By the way, yes this is by Sweetdeily, Autraya has this strange thing called broadband and Sweets is still operating on Ye'Ol'Dial-up. Many thanks to Aut for uploading it. ^^

    P.s. This is from a fansub, hence the pixelation in some parts. Don't worry, there are no subs!
    (did it on a five year old laptop and space was an issue)

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