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  • Members: Autraya, sweetdeily
  • Title: Armageddon
  • Premiered: 2005-07-05
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  • Song:
    • E Nomine Diene Welt
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  • Comments: This is another AMV by Sweedeily (who is unfortunately related to me).
    She created this on my PC and never bothered to finish it,and her lipsynching.... could have been better, since she was complaining that she never got the chance to finish it, it did it for her, I had to fix the lipsynch, and gave up after 5 days of completely re-cutting the video. She complained the whole time that I was diverging from the meaning of the German Lyrics. I also added an ending which she didn't bother to do and just left the last 15 seconds as black screen.
    I did a whooops in the ending by reusing some footage that I didn't realise she had used previously.

    The image quality could have been better, but she compressed it way too much, this is noteably around the time we discovered transitions in Movie Maker.

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