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  • Member: Kaysow
  • Studio: Pung
  • Title: Goodbye My Friend
  • Premiered: 2002-12-24
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  • Song:
    • The Beautiful Mistake For a Friend
  • Anime:
  • Comments: 2006: This was my first attempt at Premiere, and it shows. A bit much at times, I guess, but I do like this one.

    I have worked very hard on this one, and it basically comes from my new found love for Akira, now that I've read all the manga too. And this is my tribute to my all time favourite character; the "psychic juggernaut" Tetsuo.

    It's an emosong, which means lots of melody and guitar harmonies, with moments of uncontrollable angst. The song definately fits the relationship between Tetsuo and Kaneda.

    It's Akira, so of course there's violence, but most of you have probably seen it so many times that no scenes really bother you any longer. It contains both graphic violence and implied sexual nudity. The nudity however is just an insinuation that Kaori is about to be raped, although I tried hard not include more than 2-3 frames of actual nudity. It just adds to the emotionality.
    The violence however is constant, and if that bothers you, you should try something else.
    Warning for gore and nipples. =D

    Well, I'm stoked. Download this, cuz I can promise you won't be disappointed.
    Unless you dislike strong videos. Then you'll be stoked as well.

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