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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: Redemption
  • Premiered: 2006-11-17
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  • Song:
    • K-System Guardian Angel
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Made with Vegas 6.0...and yes I suck at it :P

    This isn't a remake. This is a different video entirely. if you know the story, you know why I named this Redemption. But if you don't know the story, you really don't need to.

    Um, this video's just for fun and for the hell of it. If it's not any good than oh well.

    The only 'effect' that I did is the blink effect, but I don't think that really counts as an effect, and some overlays. Whoopie do.

    If it has crappy quality than oh well.
    If the sync is off then oh well.
    If this vid sucks then oh well.
    If you don't like Yue then oh well.

    Um this is sorta of an implied Sakura x Yue vid. I think I'm the only one who likes THEM as a couple...

    and if you don't like that THEN OH WELL. I just made this to make it. and because I felt that I HAD to. :P :P :P

    if you want to see a WAY better vid with the same song, please watch Younique's video and not this boring random crap.

    Don't expect anything awesome. If you want awesome stuff, watch Grace by Radical_Yue (Younique)

    All comments are welcome. That is all.

    Quick Comments:
    2006-11-21 00:00:41 You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, I thought this was a nice amv. Sure, the quality could use a little work, but you did well putting the video together as a whole. Your scene selection was great! It made the video flow nicely and all the clips fit well with the music. Some of the cuts could have been a bit cleaner, but for the most part, I thought the timing was pretty good. The quickly alternating scenes on the drumrolls, as well as the overlays at the very end both looked great. Now I've got that song stuck in my head. O_O Haha...I liked it, though. Overall, good job. (and have a little faith in yourself, okay? You don't suck!) ^^ - aerialesque
    2006-11-20 21:50:41 I'm seeing improvement and I love it! Great work here! -sKy-
    2006-11-20 09:28:25 youre deffinately improving O.O
    2006-11-19 17:49:19 Bit of an improvement in terms of sync and overall timing compared to "Pharaho of the Opera." You're getting there young grasshopper, just take it one step at a time and you will have Vegas and your compression problems solved. I look forward to your next vid (krisqo)
    2006-11-18 21:13:08 I wish to rape Yue...but that would be odd, wouldn't it? Radical Yue raping Yue? Hmm...wanders off to ponder...~

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