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  • Member: » AceMan
  • Studio: Nano-da Productions
  • Title: Happy Birthday, Download-Anime!
  • Premiered: 2006-11-13
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    • Technohead Happy Birthday [AceMan's Cut]
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  • Comments: 2 months ago I was asked to make an AMV for first's birthday.
    Site Admin, Hideki, wrote to me: "You know, some party, birthday cake, a lot of fun, fireworks and lively music".
    This idea really fit my tastes, so I decided to get this job ;) (it was also first time when I had to make an AMV "to order", so it was a kind of test of my skills).

    I started from song research. After listening almost 30 birthday tunes (and some non-birthday, but happy), I chose 4, which could play an audio role in my vid. Hideki selected 2 of them from which I chose one - and that's how Technohead became a hero :D
    Of course original song lasts about 5 minutes, so as always I had to remake it. In the end I made 1-minute tune, which is a shortcut and essence of original song.

    My anime collection isn't very huge, so It was hard to find birthday scenes. That's why I also used two Pokemon specials - I think that happy, jumping creatures fits this clip quite well ;)
    So in the end we have something like my "Da Shit", but with specified subject matter. A verse in the middle is a small exception - even though lyrics are about birthday, I made a small presentation of site's activity.

    So... let's celebrate together with Download-Anime! ;)

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