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  • Member: Dafreshprince
  • Studio: Cup of Ramen Studio
  • Title: Draped Up
  • Premiered: 2006-11-12
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  • Song:
    • Bun B Draped Up
  • Anime:
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    Not my best amv, but its ok. spent some time on it not to be the best thing in the world but its ok. I cutted off the last part of The SOng ebcuase it sucked, lol.
    Icouldn't get rid of one sub cuz it was part of a transition and when vegas had a glitch in it. This part was part of a transition, but I removed the transition by mistake, so the sub was there. But I sended it to my friend kevmasterflashdeluxe, becuase I wanted him to convert it. He noticed the sub and removed it. He also removed all the Logos from the clips, so now It looks much better. It has some Animes in it, but About 85% is Naruto. Anyways, enjoy! and I would be really happy if you would leave me an opinion or at least a short comment..

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