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  • Member: Taruto!
  • Title: Kurumi's "Agadoo" Video
  • Premiered: 2006-12-01
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    • Black Lace Agadoo
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  • Comments: Title: Kurumi's "Agadoo" Video
    Series: Steel Angel Kurumi
    Song: Agadoo by Black Lace
    Episodes Used: Lots and lots of them
    Spoilers: None

    Awards: Best Video at Auchinawa 2006
    (There were only 3 entries in the competition. Still very happy though.)
    (Loads of people danced stupidly to it too! Yayyy)

    Firstly, this video was made for the Cheesy 80's AMV Discos ran by Mithrandir2k, a.k.a. the chairman of Amecon. This guy rocks. I'm making him more videos in the future. Some good.. some.. just damned disturbing!

    In any case, this is essentially a short, stupid, dancy video to the party favourite.. Agadoo. It's worrying that there were no videos to this before this one listed on the org, possibly even more worrying that I made the only one. But I guess that's for you to decide, eh?

    Quick cuts, fast music, speeding up, colour overlays.. this video is very graphics heavy, but didn't take too long to edit. It's also intentionally cheesy, so don't mind that.
    Errr.. enjoy?

    Encoded in XviD.. make sure you have the right codecs before watching!

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