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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: The Pharaoh of the Opera
  • Premiered: 2006-11-02
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  • Song:
    • Phantom of the Opera Techno Remix
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  • Comments: Made with Vegas 6.0

    A Tribute to Pharaoh Atemu ^^


    Yep, second AMV using Vegas. Whoot ^^ anywho, this AMV has a story behind it that doesn't involve the actual AMV:

    Well I was listening to my cashe of songs after watching the Pharaoh's Memory Arc for the umpteenth time when the techno version of Phantom of the Opera popped on. One of my absolute favs. Halfway through I was lipping the song and thought Pharaoh of the Opera instead of Phantom.

    Pharaoh of the Opera? WTF???

    but actually, it wasn't that bad of a idea. and it wouldn't get out of my head. So everytime after that I was thinking Pharaoh instead of Phantom. Obsessed I know, but I decided that the best way to get it out of my head was to make it into an AMV. Bingo....the AMV Pharaoh of the Opera


    so I was halfway into the AMV when I decided to take a break and check out some videos. I found myself on the Top %10 List (which I never even look at) just to see what type of crappy Naruto videos got on. Then, mortified, I saw....THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! NOOOOOO!!!

    it was already on the list! Damn, if I do this vid, it's going to pale in comparison. It was a total blow to my ego. So just out of curiousity I look into this vid by Kevin Cadwell. I know the anime he used, am quite familiar with Memories thank you very much. I was completely unimpressed, even though I knew the story behind it. But I never thought mine was better. I thought mine is going to suck in comparison. Great....why do the GOOD ideas already have to be taken?

    but despite the blow to my ego I decided to go ahead and complete the other half of the AMV...after all, it may not be better than that vid, but it's pretty good for YGO. And though the quality is kinda's actually better than like %95 of the videos out there o.0.

    so I present to you...The PHARAOH of the Opera. If only I knew....



    Well....there's a lot of stuff I did in the AMV: combining a story with beat syncs, VERY difficult to do. But I didn't make the same mistake twice and use ONLY ONE EPISODE, but very many, mostly from the Pharaoh's Memory Arc where the subject, Atemu, was actually Pharaoh (again) but I also wanted to include other points in his life, as in the other series of YGO and when he left (NOO!!)

    There are parts of the AMV where I 'spotlighted' Pharaoh Atemu (by using the cookie cutter effect) because....after all...he is the main focus of the AMV. I think it turned out well. The other effects are the standard overlays and flashes, nothing else that's really whootage.

    And just Pharaoh Atemu in all of his Pharaohie goodness (and no Pharaohie is not a word!)

    I hope you enjoy. First AMV in a while that I was willing to really comment on. I've been lately letting the AMV speak for itself, but those were the meh AMV's of mine, so if I spent all this time commenting I HOPE it's some good!

    All comments are welcome. That is all.

    Quick Comments:
    2007-07-31 17:40:51 kinda on crack there hun
    2006-12-14 03:44:05 Awesome. Just plain awesome
    2006-11-04 17:49:25 A pretty good AMV, although video quality could be better
    2006-11-04 12:29:50 This proves that just because you have a better program, that doesn't necessarily mean your editting skills will improve. Nice song though.
    2006-11-04 00:53:28 Timing seems a little off, and the video quality could be better. But, it's a neat idea =3 Good song, Atemu's damn pretty. So, 3/5 from me. Good effort ^^
    2006-11-03 21:05:52 getting a little ambitious. I like that. Try to keep static aspect ratios
    2006-11-03 19:56:55 Very cool! Loved the syncing and overlays. And the circles on the choruses. Awesomeness!!! You had some great syncing and great clip choices. Never seen the series, but from my POV, the clips fit very well. *^_^* Great job!! Glomptastic!! AND CHEER UP DAMNIT!!!!!!! lol. *^_^* ~wurpess
    2006-11-03 19:38:43 next time you go to compress we are going to teach you avisynth and XVID... O.O
    2006-11-03 16:44:12 very nice. 4'd ~Morph Man
    2006-11-03 11:59:42 i liked Cadwell's vid with this song better but you did a decent job on this 2006-11-03 11:18:18 I liked it. =D - DR
    2006-11-03 01:48:14 good idea, needs work

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