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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: How Imadori used to be ...
  • Premiered: 2006-11-09
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    • Matchbox 20 Unwell
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  • Comments: What would School Rumble be without Imadori ?
    Certainly less funny for sure.
    And maybe less interesting ...

    Of course, the quatuor Harima/Tenma/Eri/Yakumo brings its load of comedy and drama. But the quatuor Imadori/Mikoto/Lala/Karen also offers an unique show, giving a foolish balance to the passionate obaka-san.

    As a Banana Faction supporter, I'm mostly interested in the relation between the humming bird and the mexican gorilla. They just act like little children, bothering the other just to draw his/her attention. Well, in facts, Lala doesn't seem to bear any love for Imadori, and Imadori just try to find revenge for every bones of him she has broken ...
    But they are always together, despite their apparent antagonism, providing so many fun and unpredicable situations (Imadori ending up clubbed to death aside ^^ ).

    I'm expecting a lot from their relation, with Imadori probably looking for a true goal in life, and Lala only searching for a man who will love her as she (violently) is. Imadori needs a strong person to push him forward into the future as Lala needs a caring person to fill the growing void in her existence.

    Those thoughts gave birth to this amv, showing a more complex Imadori, and what he's expecting from Mikoto and Lala. Sorry for the Karen lovers, she barely makes any appearence ! ^^

    Please enjoy my true tribute to the D Master, thousand miles away from my "Drop the Bo_bs". :)

    Available on youtube

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