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  • Member: dokool
  • Studio: Third Lens Open Productions
  • Title: Bring It On
  • Premiered: 2006-11-03
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    • Steven Curtis Chapman Bring It On
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  • Comments: Background
    It was a dark and stormy Saturday night at Bakuretsucon 2005. The charity auction was in full swing, but people didn't seem all too willing to loosen their purse-strings. Just then, an idea, crazy as it sounds, struck.

    "Hi, I'm an AMV Editor and I want to auction my soul."

    The basic agreement was that the winner would get one AMV, using their concept (both anime and music), created by me and entered into the Bakuretsucon 2006 AMV Contest.

    The bidding began at $5.

    Then it hit $15.

    Then it hit $30.

    Finally ,after lots of dollar-bids, a young lady held up her arm and called for $50.

    Yes, we had a bonzai. And that was the winning bid. I got her email address and got in touch with her after the con, and so it began.

    The Concept
    After trading a couple ideas back and forth, Kim offered the song 'Bring It On' by Steven Curtis Chapman as an idea, paired with Fruits Basket. I listened to the song, read the lyrics, and thought "hey, this works for a Kyo character profile." She enthusiastically agreed, and so the sources were set.

    The Editing
    Here's the thing about Fruits Basket - it's a lot of standing around and talking and looking forlorn. Not a lot of action. We're talking a 95-5 ratio here. Of course, the song's quite upbeat, so I had to go with a mix of slow scenes for the verses and upbeat for the chorus. There's maybe 5 minutes of action in the entire series, and I used most of it.

    There were quite a few mental roadblocks editing this video - mostly due to the lack of footage (at one point I was about ready to use manga scans, but that never came to fruition). Editing came in bits and spurts, with a good chunk coming after AWA. This certainly isn't my best work, but given the circumstances, I think it came out pretty well, and I know Kim enjoyed it and considered her money well-donated.

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