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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Rejuvination Studios
  • Title: FMA Se7en
  • Premiered: 2006-10-31
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    • New Line Cinema Seven Trailer
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  • Comments: About the Video

    I got the idea for this video one day after watching a movie called "Seven". I thought the trailer would fit the series Fullmetal Alchemist well and began to work on it. I decided to use Detective William Summerset as Mustang just because his voice and actions remind those of the Colonel. I had Hughes as Detective Mills since he was younger than Summerset and there are some character resemblances between Hughes and Mills. Hughes ends up being killed by Envy while in the movie Seven Mills's wife gets killed by Envy. I noticed that the two had both relations to the sin Envy so I paired the those two together. I decided to have Scar as the killer in the video since there was a lot of footage of him going after state alchemists and those scenes proved useful to what I was trying to show. I had to substitute Envy as the killer in certain parts of the video since there were scenes with Scar that I couldn't use for those scenes. Mainly the scene with the gun fire since Scar doesn't use a gun in the show I had to substitute it with Envy's shape shift scenes. There was a lot of masking and other technical aspects of the video that I had to work on as well such as lip syncing and character masking. I had to cut out Hughes in one scene and place him against a rainy backdrop to match with the sound effects and change his skin color to match with the background appropiately. I also had to mask a lot of the lip syncing scenes. I just couldn't place the scene in and hope to get the best match possible. I had to use a lot of overlaying to just match certain lip syncing just right. Special thanks goes out to Castor Troy for giving me some masking tips on how to fix some weird looping scenes that I was having trouble with. Also thanks goes out to all of my beta testers.

    Technical Difficulties

    There was a lot of tecnical difficulties while making this video. The lip syncing is the first one. I had to go back and completely redo lip syncing scenes for certain parts in the video to match it right. This is also my first time doing lip syncing masking. I think most of the lip sync turned out the way I liked it. The character masking was another difficult task since I'm not used to masking in videos. Theres only a few videos I have here that Ive done character compositing for. I also added in the fake rain seqeunce to make the scene more realistic to make it seem like they were actually in a rain storm. I even had to make a lot of color adjustments so that the scenes would match the dark tone I was going for. I decided to compress this video in wmv format because I was able to get it in half the size then I normally would have with my AVI compression. Plus the wmv version looks nice and sharp and much clear looking.

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