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  • Member: Varda_Morrigan
  • Studio: The Last Of ...
  • Title: Photographic Memories
  • Premiered: 2006-10-31
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    • Ennio Morricone Photographic Memories
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  • Comments: I'd like that my next AMV will be better. Please if you get me only 1 or 2 stars, leave though quick comments.

    This AMV demands a description. I did it in three day, and it is very short.
    If you saw Sailor Moon, you know, that saloirs senshi executed their memory after a batle with Metalia, because Usagi wanted to be a normal girl.
    This AMV has a two part.
    Main part are scens from 46 stab, when batle finished, and power of silver crystal was involving everything. We saw all heroes absorbed by pink light. When Usagi was talking about her normal morning and said, that she want, that this normal lives will return.
    But you don't hear this words, you hear a beautifull melodies by Ennio Morricone.
    And you will see short piece of stabs - short memories about all heroes. Next you will see pages from album, with a few photo.
    They will been bluring like senshis' memories - lastly you can't see it - they will disappear like senshis' memories, but you can't see a litle piece of photo, because they will still exist like senshis' memories.

    I'm finished finally! My sister said me, that I should write it, because without it you can't understand my AMV. But I must do it in English, and it was difficult for me. So i'm happy that I can manage it.

    I hope that you will like this my AMV. I beg your leave me a comments, specially opinions, but you can't leave although short comments. One my work has 100 stars (and it has good average) and it has only one opinions and 5 short comments. WHY?


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