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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Title: End of Inuyasha
  • Premiered: 2006-10-28
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    • Youko Takahashi Aoki Flamme
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  • Comments: Beware this video features the ending of Inuyasha. This video is a tribute to the last episode of Inuyasha. This video is probably the first to use footage from the last episode that isnt fansubed. yes all the scenes that i saw in previous Inuyasha videos all used fansubed footage from that episode and it was usually one scene at best. This video is to premote the final end of the series so there really isnt any effects in this video. So if your looking for effects then go away. I wanted to take a break from my effect videos anyways and work on some thing simple. I used the short version of the theme song from Pumpkin Scissors since I was going to use only one episode any ways and using the full song would detract from the idea. Maybe one day I'll use the full song since the song is really good and probably the best part of the video all together. If your interested in seeing the ending of Inuyasha without any subtitles and pretty decent video quality then go ahead. I used tape footage off of adult swim and had to crop the logo out and resize the footage to fit the screen. Well that pretty much sums up the jeist of this video.

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