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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: Run With Me(2006)
  • Premiered: 2006-10-27
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    • Goo Goo Dolls Stay With You
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  • Comments: Hi, Im not good with vid info's & this is my 1st Yaoi based vid YAY ^_^, oh Yaoi/shounen-ai means "Boy love" don't like don't watch plzs. If u want to u can, just plzs don't be mean about it b/c it's a Yaoi/Shounen-ai

    Anyway this is my last vid for the year(unless it's an MEP),& Im taking time off making vids to work on my study and to work on my profile for college(IUPUI Harron school of Art, thinking about going to AI as well),

    OK, As it says the anime Gravitation, which is 100% different from all my other AMV's, & it's my 1st Yaoi one to. The song "Stay with You" I 1st heard on an AMV by melrose, which I have OP and is in my favs & it's awesome so check it out, anyway I order the Gravitation Box set the next day, after a week it came & of course I watch the whole thing, well about 2 weeks later, I was showing one of my friends the AMV and my other friend(the one who Yaoi crazy) was looking *coughdroolingcough* at the box set cover, Well she wanted to know alittle about it, so I look @ it w/ the music playing,about ready to explain what it's about, then an idea pop into my head, a month and a half later(counting the 2days it took finding the CD) the vid was done.

    Well now on to the vid. well u know how couples have what they call "Our song", Well Shuichi is singing "their" song in a concert, so there alot lip sync, also the concert live&on TV so ur'll see some of the scene play out on some tv in the anime. During the song we of course see their relationship and how it implies to both of them(Mostly with Shuichi's thought on Yuki).
    I tried some new vid effects that Iv seen lately. I believe that I did a pretty good job getting these effects to work

    Like I said, not very good at vid info's, it's better than Im making it sound. anyway I want to thank my friend slackergirl for beta testing my vid(again^_^) and I hope u guys really like this. PLZS leave OPs &/or OC's. but PLZS do not put on youtube!

    P.S. also be sure to check out some of my other vids(just the few above this one on my pro and the new ones on the way ^_^)

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