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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: RSD productions
  • Title: Decisions
  • Premiered: 2002-12-17
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    • Staind For You
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  • Comments: Project started Monday, November 18, 2002, 4:32:02 PM

    It was finished on December 10, 2002. As u can see I havenít posted it for a week because I didnít feel like posting a host-less video but then I thought it would be best just to post it so at least people can AIM me for it. It took me a few weeks to do the project and about a week to give out to some people to test for me. Thank you all those who have already saw it ^_^

    BEFORE GETTING THE VIDEOÖ.i just wanted to say that if you are the kind of person that takes originality up the butt then please donít bother to get it. I donít want to here any crap about originality because I know what I started before doing it. This is my 14th video! ^_^ by now I would know how the originality stands out there. Ok? :P

    The idea______

    Honestly there isnít much of a story to it. Itís a music video that I wanted to make using the song for you because I thought the combination was great. Majority of people who saw the video so far enjoyed it ^_^ Iím glad. If there is any idea, itís the idea of silence getting us no where. Like Shinji kept running away, being quite not reacting. You wonít get any where in live being silent. You have to act like youíre alive to be alive. So I got a bunch of ideas in my head and saw the video inside me. I liked the idea, so I went with it.

    First Step______

    The first thing I did was rip the Eva box movie set to my computer which took about 8 gigs. I used the dvd2avi to create project files for each dvd VOB file and then used Avisynth method to make the avs file then I used Virtual Dub to open up which ever DVD I wanted to use and exported clips I wanted. I saved the clips as high quality Huffy UV files and used them to edit I premiere. I ended up with more than a hundred clips. I like this method better than putting a really long avs file in premiere because I prefer scanning through each DVD in Virtual Dub.


    I then edited anywhere from 3-6 hours every day or ever other day. Maybe I skipped a day or so, but I was so excited about this project some times I had found myself trying too quickly to finish it. At those kind of moments, I decided to stop and continue the next day. I am really proud of myself regardless of the kind of opinions I get from other people because I paced myself well with this video and I think I did better than I had expected myself to do. I did have a problem at one point when I was finishing up the project. While exporting the final product, (I export to high quality MJPEG for my final because they are so similar but MJPEG is more compact and I like to save my final MJPEG video versions) I had noticed that it would slow down when nearing the end of the export. The exporting would move so incredibly slow. Slow as in 1 frame every 5 minutes! It didnít get to even finish exporting because I got a system error saying I didnít have enough virtual memory which really pondered me. I tried many things like changing the compression, size, any project settings, every export setting and none of these seemed to do anything. So I noticed the ending was the screwy part of course, so I went and looked at the ending for anything out of the normal. I noticed a clip from end of Eva where the white wings are spreading over the earth which was accelerated to 600% times the normal speed. It was the only thing that seemed to stick out. So I slowed the clip back down to 100% speed and shortened it to make it fit back in place. Sure enough, I exported and everything came out great.^_^

    Last step______

    Finally I encoded to a 720 x 480, 2000 kbps CBR, 224 kbps mp3 (recommended in A&Eís guide which is a terrific guide ^_^), cropped it to fill the screen and deinterlaced it. It actually took my a couple of tries to find the best looking one. Then I gave it to a few people on my buddy list which most gave me A LOT of complaints and suggestions. It really killed me when someone said they were not impressed. GawdÖ. Someone else gave me originality problems which I already had told him to ignore. Someone else pointed out all the dam flaws in my video which was very annoying. He didnít even mention if he liked it or notÖ.. I mean ok I never mind criticism, just as long as it comes after the overall opinion! I meanÖ.come on nowÖ.tell me how would you feel if you worked hard and you really feel great about yourself for making the video and someone u ask to watch says nothing but complaints and how your video was messy and flat out not good? Like shit I imagine :/ But I tried not to take their comments to serious because some people are just inconsiderate like that. I feel great about this video. I will feel greater if you like it too. If you donít like it, I will still feel great. And thatís that. ^_-

    I have started a thing with myself. I want to a review to every video I get of this org. I donít care how long or short, I want to do a review. Please leave one for me too ^_^ I donít care if its one sentence, just as long as I get the point. :P

    You also can get this video and any others by messaging me on the AOL instant messaging program. My screen name is RightSideDriveSI. I look forward to a chat and hope to please your AMV cravings ^_^


    ~SI of RSD Productions

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