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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: Trinity
  • Premiered: 2006-10-25
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  • Song:
    • Deftones Korea
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  • Comments: Halloween Project 2006:
    Well this project was originally going to be to "Fatal" by RZA off the Blade: Trinity soundtrack but a month before I was going to start working on it a friend kindly reminded me that I forgot to do her request AMV. So I started working on that and halfway through I thought, "You know this would actually work for my Halloween AMV too". So after i completed the first draft of the AMV I send it to her, as requested then I have spent the last 2 and a half months working about 5 hours a day tweaked it into it's final incarnation. I could probally continue to tweak it but I'm kind of tired of working on it for right now and have another project I want to start lol.

    Sin City Effects:
    Using photoshop I took a few still images through the AMV and decide to make them black & white but with color added to parts that I wished to draw attention too. After the first draft of the AMV I was watching Sin City and thought, you know... that would be kind of cool with the way some of the beats work in the AMV and sure enough it turned out rather keen.

    Technical Notes:
    Total work time: 2 and a half months, 10 - 20hrs a week.
    Programs Used-- Adobe Premiere 6.0, Adobe Photoshop, VirtualDubMod, Zarxrax's h24 encoder, BeSweet

    Easter Eggs:
    Scatter throughout the AMV are messages with the word "TRINITY" how man can you find.
    There is also a message with Aria Mournesong, Three-Star Studios and Chiropetera.

    Special Thanks:
    JubJub2 for her usual morale support
    RolltheStampede for Beta Testing and giving extremely honest feedback
    Pwolf & for Zarxrax for the h264 encoding help and being patient with me ^.^

    External Links

    Trinity: h264 version[Three-Star Studios] Trinity

    In order to play the MP4 version you will need a VLC player.

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