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  • Member: Moonlight Soldier
  • Studio: The Firefly Chronicles
  • Title: Fate's Scrawl
  • Premiered: 2006-10-30
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    • James Newton Howard The Hand of Fate Part One
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  • Comments: I did not intend to use the first three episodes of Death Note to make a video right away. But, the deadline was fast approaching for AC^3's AMV contest and I wanted to send in something new.

    So, Death Note had just been released and I snatched up the first raw episode. I scoured my music collection for something suitably creepy and stumbled upon the OST for Signs.

    I cut up the audio and went to work. As the next episodes came out I switched and fiddled with my timeline until I had something that I could call suspenseful.

    Hopefully it came off as a sort of horror video. It is the first of the genre for me, so I hope you like it, I tried as best I could ^^''.

    I added in the little intro at the beginning because I felt without it, the amv did not really make sense and would have probably been seen as a trailer.

    I wanted to show something almost chaotic...

    Notably, Light, the main character gets bent in the head when he discovers the power of the book and Ryuuk, the shinigami, remains rather neutral in his affairs. With this video, I tried to make it look like Ryuuk was almost pupeteering Light , which drove him to a sort of madness.

    [If you pick up the Death Note, you can kill by writing someone's name in it and picturing their face.]

    It's really short, so I don't know how much of that got across. But, with only three episodes to work with and a tight deadline, I did as best I could.

    Oh, and for those who could not tell (as if you couldn't >_>) I made an attempt to rotoscope Ryuuk into the scene where Light is walking from school. I tried to make him look all shadowy, almost like the devil's conscience on Light's shoulder.

    Many thank yous to AtomX, Fall_Child42 and Nessephanie who were kind enough to beta the video for me. ^_^

    And FC (again), Kristyrat and Trythil who helped me out with the encoding :o

    Other than that, I used Magix Movie Edit Pro 11, Photoshop, VirtualDub and AVIsynth to edit the video.


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