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  • Member: Songbird21
  • Title: Naruto- Friendship Lost
  • Premiered: 2006-10-18
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    • Dream Theater When the Water Breaks
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  • Comments: This video was made to be a part of the now dead, "Project Life". As such, the audio cuts out at the end because it was part of a larger song and ment to be intregated back into it. So, please, try to ignore the end audio.

    This is an overused topic, but I really don't care. I do videos for me. This vid shows the progression of Naruto and Sasuke's friendship change from friendly rivalry to something deadly. There's a decent amount of FX, but as usual, I like to let the footage do most of the hits.

    Short breakdown:

    Character introduction - friends/fighting as comrades - curse seal begins the crack in their friendship - Sasuke gets more and more angry at Naruto's growth - final battle.

    I hope you like this vid.


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