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  • Member: Rhodan
  • Title: Animal Inside Ichigo
  • Premiered: 2006-10-14
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    • Three Days Grace Animal I Have Become
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  • Comments: My first AMV ive made.

    My main theme is the idea of Ichigo fighting against himself or "the animal inside" himself which is represented in three ways;
    - The "Hollow" or "White" Ichigo when he is fighting inside of zangetsu
    - The "Hollow Ichigo" when the ichigo from inside Ichigo comes out (Ichigo with half a hollow mask)
    - Zangetsu Himself

    I tried to keep it relatively simple since its my first time but also tried out a couple of vaious editing techniques such as black and white, overlays and split screens. The intro prior to the actual clip is also an example of me playing with my editing.

    I spent about 7 hours making this video over about 2 weeks, using Sony Vegas, VirtualdubMod and avisynth.

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