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  • Member: SamuraiJake
  • Title: Gantz Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch
  • Premiered: 2006-09-06
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    • Buckcherry Crazy Bitch
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  • Comments: AMV Contest Winner "Anime Punch 2007" for Best Mature Video

    This is an AMV I put together within 6 straight hours. It was my very first one, but even after a year of completeing it I'm still receiving rave reviews for the hentai circles of course.

    The brief synopsis of this video is as follows: We begin showing a man who kicks ass while fighting aliens, not too far from the plot of the original anime. Then he meets a girl at his place, she comes up, they begin making love, then as she becomes his "housepet" things get kinky and fun...until she cheats on him with one of the other guys in the room. Frustrated and hurt, the man storms out of the room full of people but he's followed by another woman. The woman remembers seenig him and the girl together in a bookstore, then she comes right up to him and begins talking to him. We then cut to a few shots of the man in battle against the aliens, but when it's over instead of going over to girl he walks right by her indifferently. The we cut back to the woman and the man alone in the hall again, and from her body language it's easy to see that she likes him. They have an unheard conversation, and the next thing that happens is they're both naked and having passionate sex in the hallway. The song winds down, and they climax.

    Seems pretty simple when you think about it. As for the music, I mostly just wanted to play around with my new editing program, but after hearing Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch" and using the love/sex scenes from "GANTZ", it felt like a great video to make. There's hardly any lip syncing, except when the blonde boy with long hair says, "...bitch." I used Pinnicle Studio 9 to cut the footage and a capture card that fed straight from a DVD player. The image quality is admittedly not the best, but on the other hand there are no fan-subs n__n

    I think the popularity of this AMV is how outragous and fun it is, not to mention sexy. Even though this is not X-rated hentai, it is definately R-rated hentai. There is a little violence but not much really, and the profanity is explict as well. That said, for those of us who enjoy the hard rock and hard sex videos should see this as a refreshing AMV for adults.

    - Samurai Jake

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