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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Junman Raving Suiseisekis
  • Premiered: 2006-10-05
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    • Rayman Raving Rabbids Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: GAME in Paris 2006 - AMV Contest : 7th

    Let's take a quizz !
    - I'm an anime character
    - I'm wearing a long green dress
    - I end all my sentences with "-desu"
    - I love torturing people, especially chibis
    - I'm a chibi myself but don't remind me that for your legs' safety
    - I use a golden old-designed can as a battle tool
    - I'm as cute as devilish
    - I have a four-eyed master that I kick his chibi-ass every days and nights, for any reason ... and even without !
    - I'm the (self-proclaimed) cutest/strongest/smartest of all my six others sisters

    I am ... Suisei Seki from Rozen Maiden ?
    Correct !
    You have just won my box !
    It will be delivered in your very face and through your window in a few moments.

    Who, more than an army of raving rabbids, would translate all the mayhemic kawaï-ness of the most short-tempered Rozen maiden ?
    Probably no one ... and no thing !
    And that's the purpose of this amv.
    Jun, chibi-ningen as he is, alone against a deadlier threat than legions of loudy white thingies.
    Yes !
    A little sweet doll is more destructive than anything else, and here is the proof !

    FEAR THEM ... OR NOT !?

    Also available on youtube :

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