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  • Member: niji tsuki
  • Studio: Rose Studios
  • Title: Through Aeris's Eyes
  • Premiered: 2006-03-21
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    • Dream Theater Through Her Eyes
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  • Comments: I like this video a lot. ^.^ It's a good Cloud fix for any Cloud fangirl. It's kinda sad though T_T (face it, Cloud's emo), but it ends happily! You can sense that feeling of release at the end of the video and it'll make you go, "Awwwwww!"

    The song tells of a man's sadness and guilt over the death of a girl, and how she has changed his life forever (totally Cloud and Aeris!), and he addresses the anguish of his past (his connection to Sephiroth and Jenova - see? It's all coming together). Basically, if you're a total FF7 nut, the video makes perfect sense. And if you're not a total FF7 nut, the video is pretty self-explanitory. It's just knowing all these things deepens the meaning. You can feel Cloud's sadness, his anger, and finally his peace at the end, when you finally see "Her Eyes." *sigh* So romantic!

    But if you're not into mushy videos, then you'll agree with my sister when she calls me a cornball. She said it's a cornball video, and I'm proud to say that I'm a big mushy cornball. Come on! It's a romance video! It's inherently mushy!

    Seeing as Aeris is the girl sung about in the song, I think a did a pretty good job considering there aren't that many Aeris clips in AC. I did slip a little of the game in there, but not enough to make a huge difference to the video.

    Also, the movie's so artfully done, at the end of the song, I put together all the motifs of the movie (the flowers, the wolf, the water, angels, etc). And have you ever heard the Inuyasha song, "No More Words?" I actually mixed its intro with this intro for quite the angelic sound. It fits with the angelic-like figure of Aeris and the holiness of the Lifestream, its power to both hurt and heal. So profound.

    So download and enjoy!

    *And I'm not begging for opinions. I would just like to have a little vote! ^.^ For the Quick Comments, along w/ your comment, write "Cornball" if you think it was corny, or "Kawaii" if you thought it was the cutest thing ever. Basically, did it make you warm and fuzzy, or queasy and cheesy?*

    ...SQUEE!!! Sorry! I just can't get over how romantic this is! ^.^
    ...Okay, I'm done.


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