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  • Member: fireemblem776
  • Studio: carbuncle776
  • Title: Senshi Love ^_^
  • Premiered: 2006-09-30
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    • Character Profile
    • Fun
    • Romance
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    • Lucas Prada And she said
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  • Comments: Well i spent well over a month trying to pull this monstrosity off. And you will be amazed to know my computer is pretty bad, but i managed to pull this off. I swear i used up way to much ram to pull this off@_@
    This vid was made for one of my buddies, cus shes a huge Haruka/Michiru fan. As you can see my lip sycining, and masing got a little bet better then my last vid.

    Saving this on 200MB of ram was no easy task >_<

    Hope you like it, it has some rare sailor moon footage on here, that was not used in the anime.

    I used photoshop a lot mask lots of stuff. Way to many pictures were used to make that work. ANd oh the love angesl are their simply becuase i always add some random characters in my vid.


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