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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Title: Manifest Iron Chef Video
  • Premiered: 2006-09-25
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    • Papa Roach I Devise My Own Demise
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  • Comments: So yeah, at manifest we were given about 4 sources of anime to use for the competition, each with about 2-3 episodes. We were given overnight to edit the videos, however it was during the convention so I didn't spend my whole time editing. I think in the end I edited for about 10 hours but I'm not sure of the exact time i spent because it was all at different points in time as I was busy with con events such as AMV panel, Exhibition, etc.

    I really enjoyed editing this video, the song is actually off the new Papa Roach album and I was really interested in using it for an IC video (even though I had like 10 other songs lined up). I think for me, the chorus's of this video really make it. Personally I absolutely love them in the song and I really think with the first one especially that I was able to find the perfect clips to put in place in the chorus.

    This video came runner up to Blue Train's video which can be found here

    also, sorry about the quality... I blame the X-vid sources we were given >.>

    note: we were required to use a minimum of 5 seconds of OHSHC in our vids.

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