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  • Member: Raggedstar
  • Studio: Lycos Fang Studios
  • Title: Ginga Densetsu Weed - Tell Me What The Rain Knows
  • Premiered: 2006-09-17
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    • Maaya Sakamoto Tell Me What the Rain Knows
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  • Comments: My 6th AMV, and my 2nd of Ginga Densetsu Weed. This was pretty much suppose to be a time-burner...except it turned out better than I thought. I also tried out a few new special effects I downloaded (so I needed an excuse to use them :3). For a short song like "Tell Me What The Rain Knows", this took MUCH longer than I thought. My usual song length is around 3 and a half minutes. This song isn't even half as long, but it took me a bit longer than a day to finish it.

    This is a tribute to Weed and the two characters closest to him in the final episode (so yes, a lot of spoiler footage *points to the red*), Gin and Kyoshiro. Since a lot of people don't watch GDW, I might as well tell you who's who.

    Weed: Blue and white Akita puppy (name pronounced "Weed-o", alternate spelling is "Uiido").
    Gin: Blue and white Akita adult with three slash scars on his forehead (Weed's father and leader of Ohu).
    Kyoshiro: White Kishu Inu young adult with scars all over his body (part of Weed's new council).
    Jerome: German Shepherd adult with an "M" marking on his muzzle and under his eyes.
    Hougen: Harlquin Great Dane adult (the main "bad-guy" in the anime).

    We good? Ok, first, let me get something straight. Raggedstar = Weed hater. Thing is, the song went along well with a lot of Weed scenes, so I had to "sacrifice" my hatred to make a decent AMV. I'm looking on the bright side of things. At least it's a song from Wolf's Rain and guess what? NO SUBS *happy dance*. My favourite character is Jerome (*clings to Jerome-sama*), however, he dies at the 2nd last episode and gives the Ohu warriors an extra flame to seek vengence on his murderer. So ya, at I had a chance to put some clips of him (plus there is a clip with Weed's corpse, WHOOT ^^).

    And whoot, I made myself a funky little entry thing.


    -Had an honor on for "30th most discussed movie in the category of Arts and Animation".
    -[0:27 - 0:29] is not a random clip. In the line "That wash away the wolf's way", it shows Weed doing the Battouga (aka that spinny attack). In the manga of Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (and also mentioned in the beginning of Ginga Densetsu Weed. The GNG anime never mentioned it), the Battouga is an attack created by wolves. So ya, it can be reffered to being "the wolf's way".
    -Yes, I'm aware that I might've butchered the fades a little bit lol.
    -This anime itself is quite bloody, and it's a no brainer that an AMV that mainly contains the last battle would also be bloody.
    -In the last scene, that Jerome clip might've seemed a little random, but in the last few minutes, Weed is mourning him (plus, just two clips of Jerome aren't enough *cackles*. Ya, I need to make a Jerome tribute, like, right now).
    -When I was making this, I found out that Maaya Sakamoto has the same birthday as me. WHOOTNESS!

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