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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: That Annoying Anime to that Annoying Song
  • Premiered: 2006-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Enomoto Atsuko Happy Smile Hello!
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    Sony Vegas 6.0
    DVD Decryptor
    Virtual Dub Mod

    Okay, well, I finally got my ass in gear to do some avi compression instead of being lazy and just leaving it in wmv. o.o

    Hm....okay, where to begin?

    This started out as a segment to DevineQueenYeiweh's Lolicon MEP, but since it got cancelled (T______T nuu.....) It just spanned into it's own amv.....>_> It is now going to give you a headache....I seriously don't recommend watching this unless you don't mind a bunch of loli girls....o.O unless you're a pervert and you get off on those things. Just don't let me know about it. -.-

    Well, I hate .avi compressing, I'm just lazy and keep it in wmv most of the time, so let's see just how this works out.

    The song is 'Happy Smile Hello' by Atsuka Enomoto. (wheee) which I originally found while watching Digi Charat.... o.O GAH such an annooying song =P especially after editing with it and hearing it over...and over....and over....

    Won't bless you with lyrics this time, because frankly you won't care about them .__.

    well, it has a little bit of lip-synching in there, but you have to watch for it =P Only really at the beginning and towards the middle, but that's....about it. o.o So yup. That's all for lip synching really =D If you couldn't find it, then don't worry about it XD XD

    Well, enjoy! And just to make up for my stupidity of realizing my stupidity AFTER I publish something, I left out Puni Puni Poemi in the title credits on accident. >_< Smart, eh?

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