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  • Member: PX32
  • Title: Triple-xXx-
  • Premiered: 2002-12-06
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  • Songs:
    • Gavin Rossdale Adrenaline
    • Rammstein Feuer Frei! (PX32 Remix)
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  • Comments: Ok let me explain my new creation.
    (please!excuse any vocabual and grammatical mistakes! I'm just a lousy german with a C grade in english^^)
    I've done this Video because I love X. It's one of the greatest Anime i've seen so far. Of course X is not basically an action-anime but it has some very imposing fights in it.
    So I decided to make an action-amv about X. I took "Feuer Frei!" by Rammstein because I like it very much and the song is on the TripleX-Soundtrack. That's a nice play on words.^^ If you think on TripleX you apparentaly think of actionactionaction(if you know the film) and that's what I want to show with my AMV.
    Unfortunately I had to cut the song cause it's too long for the few action scenes that I found.
    Maybe It could have been enough, if I had used every action scene of X but the result would have been very boring.^^
    So I took only the best parts and I hope you think so too.
    This AMV has an "ending" that follows directly after the end of the first part. I features the last minutes of this great anime so if you don't know the end I strongly recommend not to watch it except you never plan to see X^^ But that's your decision.
    I wanted to create a contrast to the rest of the AMV.

    At last some technical data:

    -Resolution 384x288 pixels
    -using Xvid codec (fucking awesome quality btw.^^) (thanks to the german codec fetishist himself :JCD :P)
    -small filesize but great quality^^

    That's it so far.
    Download the AMV and ejoy it "bang, bang"^^

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!There is no ending in the local download version.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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