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  • Member: aprileagle
  • Title: Gates of Dawn
  • Premiered: 2006-09-16
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    • Secret Garden Gates of Dawn
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  • Comments: This AMV took part at the Connichi AMV Contest 2006.

    It was the winner in the category "Drama".

    Since it is a traditional drama AMV, the scenes are traditonally long (but in synch to the rhythm) and especially during the second verse I ignored the fast beat of the violin, but concentrated on the main rhythm of the background, because otherwise the AMV would have been too hectic for the drama and its message. I tried to cut it so quickly, but it looked stupid.

    The AMV is lip sync during the chorus and the different colours mean present time and memories of the past.

    The preface by Terry Pratchett isn't supposed to be funny, because even though he is a funny author, his novels are quite serious and sometimes even very sad in its core.

    Have fun watching it.

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