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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: On sleepless roads
  • Premiered: 2006-09-16
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    • Jimmy Eat World Hear You Me
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    Well, as always my category for my AMW includes sentimental, serious and other. For once I didnīt put romance up there though! Iīm proud ^^

    Iīm gonna make this short since no one ever reads the comments anyway.

    Made this video within a day. Or well, the intro I made this friday, and the rest of the video I spent making this saturday.... THE WHOLE saturday.

    The song is very important to me (ofcourse.. O.o) and I listen to it every other day. I never thought of making a video for it though, so it even surprised me when I sat down and actually started making one. I chose FFX for footage since it fits the lyrics extremely well. Ofcourse itīs alot of lyrics sync and some beat syncs where it fitted. I think itīs pretty different from my other videos. But then again, old habits die hard ^^

    Itīs a tribute. By the way. I have been making alot of those, but this is for everyone who has been in my head for a couple of weeks now. Things have been happening in town that made me think about things that happened years, and months and only days ago. Hear you me, makes me think alot about that too, so I wanted to use that in this video.. I dont know if the message will get through though, but I hope so.

    ANYWAY, I wasnīt gonna make this long. Go ahead and download already. I gotta get to bed xD

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