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  • Members: Incanus1225, Nygmatech Enterprises
  • Studio: Lawrence Productions
  • Title: Shake, Shake, Kunoichi
  • Premiered: 2006-09-15
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  • Song:
    • Harry Belafonte Jump In The Line
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  • Comments: First off, I (RMT) would like to congradulate g3m1n1 on not killing me as he finally got some cleaning filters to work. The animations look crisp and clear as a bell, we hope. We also hope you both notice and appreciate.

    Secondly, this video is a bit of a rant on how we think the couplings should go in the series. We know many people will disagree. We don't care. HinaXNaru is cute and you know it! Disarmingly cute, even. In fact, dare I say it, everyone who doesn't like that pair is a Communist.

    Third, sorry Sakura. You just don't do anything but spaz until... well.... uhm. Sorry, Sakura.

    Fourth, I, RMT, dedicate Lawrence Production's first official romantic video to a little lady out west. You know who you are.

    Fifth, help. Please help. G3m1n1 is strangling me now for misbehaving and it's getting very hard to typesdcf....

    Ja ne! ^_^;

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