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  • Member: Hakura
  • Studio: Otaku Productions
  • Title: RahXephon - World Tuning
  • Premiered: 2002-12-04
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    • DE-SIRE Healing Vision
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    ***ANIME NORTH 2003***

    "Best Drama" and
    The "Creativity" award :):)


    Well I first had this idea hit me at AWA8. I was talking with some people about how well the song " Healing Vision" from the game Dance Dance Revolution 5th mix, suited RahXephon.

    Lets start this out this way, the song is reall short, i'm talking like 1 minute and 50 seconds. But it seems to have 5 phases to it, and a mild opera singer in the back ground. For thoes of you that are familiar with RahXephon the anime is unique in a lot of ways. The song starts off slow and nice then turns dark and fast, as does the anime. I tried to utelize these changes and work them into the video.



    Ok, the video starts off with Quon playing the piano, as the song starts off with piano playing in the back ground, the mood is nice and soft until sharp images flash on the screen. Then a zoom-cross fade effect is seen as we switch to Ayato and Mishima.

    The look on Ayato's face is ment to show his frustration in what has happened as if he is "looking back" This fades into Mishima completly as she "sings" to the voice in the song. There is a matte here which focus only on Mishima flading only her into black and white. ^^ I though that was a neat idea.

    Next you see a puddle of light followed by Ayato in the destroyed remains of his "city" there is simple overlays here to show different acpects of what happened. Shortly after Ayato finds Mishima and you see his reflection in her eye.

    He looks confused as to what is going on here, a Mishima guides him to the mysterious "RahXephon" A white image cross fade is seen here as they appear near the "egg" of RahXephon.

    A drop of water falls next as we see Ayato awaken RahXephon trying to realized what is happening. He falls into it, thinking about all that is happening as the image of Mishima's face breaks apart. Much like the egg did for RahXephon.

    Next scean I skipped down the time line a little bit when Mishima confronts Quon, releasing the "instrument" withen her.

    The images you see behind the girls are edited from some of the orginal version seen in the anime.

    As RahXephon sets his eye on Quon, we are snaped to the sad scean where Ayato desperatly trys to save his friend, not knowing that she is the one he is destroying :( This was a sad part in the series and showed a turn of events for the rest of the show.

    As she tries to tell him she loves him, she is ultimatly killed :( Ayato does eventally find this out and goes awall over it.

    During this part is where most of the editing takes place, lots of fast cuts and persicion timing were needed to pull this dramatic part off well. There is a quick paused of black and white image as the song seems to "stop" for a quick moment. I thought this was a fitting effect to place in there. ^^

    The next part seems to be everyones favorite part of the video. Ayato is naked and in the fetal position. He is trying to remain "himself" while withen RahXephon. This part of the song has a heat beat sound to it, I found it fitting to show him rather helpless and alone while his heart pounds for a way out or a understanding of what is happening. I love this effect. ^^

    Next you see Quon discovering her "Orin" ability to tune. She is standing on a dock singing out to herself. I felt this part was necesarry for building up the end. There are a few more shots of Quon before the video is brough back into Ayatos side.

    The next part is from the ending of the series, where Ayato understands what he is and what exactly happened. He spreads golden wings before the words "Obsidian Butterfly Find a Last Song In a Deep Blue Forest" appear on the screen and remain there almost until the end of the video. frames from previous parts of the video appear until Ayatos shaded red face appears followed by RahXephon spreading his wings to end the video.

    Making this video was a lot of fun, and challenging at the same time. I asked multiple people to view the test I had made a while back. Ian thanks for telling me you liked the part I send you ^^ if it wasn't for you I may have changed it ^^

    Now that this video is done I hope you enjoy it ^^ And leave a review if you have something to say about it ^^


    -- Hakura

    ***ANIME NORTH 2003***

    "Best Drama" and
    The "Creativity" award :):)


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