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  • Member: perkolator
  • Title: Ichigo & Rukia's Relationship
  • Premiered: 2006-09-10
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    • Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream Remix
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  • Comments: Ani-Magic 2006 - AMV of the year Award
    Anime Banzai 2006 - Shiroto Award
    Bakuretsucon 2006 - Best Action Award

    I always wanted to make my own AMV, but never got the time (well, never taken the time :P ). A friend asked me about it and I said: " Well, maybe in a year, during summer holidays".

    That was the night before I saw the excellent AMV on FF9 with Requiem for a Dream. I was totally into Bleach at that time, and I immediatley thought the music was excellent, fited EXACTLY the story.

    And so that night I started the AMV, worked all night long hehe.

    So, the AMV is about Ichigo & Rukia's Relationship, how they met, how Rukia tried to fit into the real world and then realized she had to go.

    What really made me think of the theme is the music break down in the middle, symbolizing Ichigo's defeat, unable to protect Rukia anymore. So I played around that idea, with the sad theme just after the passage.

    I tried to remind all along the video that Ichigo is always fighting to get Rukia back by making a couple flashes with her.

    I must have worked over 60h for this AMV. This does not include the time I spend watching the episodes over and over to find the right passage :), just the time to synchronize everything.

    I used Fancy Movie Editor to make it, no super powerfull stuff. The effects used are in my opinion just enought to let you concentrate on the video itself, and not the effects. it's only my 2nd AMV through, I hope I can improve a bit in the domain.

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