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  • Member: Tsukin
  • Studio: Epileptic Seizure Studios
  • Title: Trigun/Hellsing X
  • Premiered: 2002-11-28
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    • System of a Down X
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  • Comments: This is my 2nd AMV with Adobe Premiere. It's one of those very short, action packed, seizure causing AMVs. It took me about a month to make(counting every hour spent it was more like a few days, lol), and the whole thing was edited in Adobe Premiere 6.0. The main idea of this amv was to NOT have a story or anything of the like, it's just random action and flashing, but don't worry, the flashing and scene changes are not completely random, they are actually timed and on beat. Don't be fooled by the band, it may be overused, but I am the first to use X from SOAD, so the music is a bit original, but not entirely, if ya know what i mean. If this music video happens to hurt your eyes or bring you close to having a seizure or actually having one, then my work was a success. Anyway, Enjoy the vid, and please submit an opinion after watching, please?

    MindWarp 2002 Fall/Winter AMV Contest : Best Editing

    Warning : lots of flashing, may cause epileptic seizures.

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