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  • Member: Chrono2
  • Studio: Radical Visions
  • Title: Higurashi no Kuso
  • Premiered: 2006-08-26
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    • Marilyn Manson This is the New Shit
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  • Comments: Well this AMV was made for the AMV Contest of the AniNite06 in Vienna Austria.
    I chose the Anime Higuashi no Naku koro ni, because it was shocking and brilliant the same time, and i always wanted to shock someone with my AMV. The song i chose was harder to work with than imangined. I had to do about 600+ cuts from 250 single files which i extracted from the Anime.

    I switched the Lip Synch Effekt on, because i have some parts with lip synch, to the End of the AMV where several voices are together this aren't supposed to be synch. Some other parts in the middle are the same.

    You also will se some subtitles. Those are meant to be, because it fits to the lyrics.

    I had to use Downloaded media, because the DVDs weren't out yet, and still just DVD 1 is out which would be close to enough.

    Since the serious content of the Anime and the Song I would say this AMV is nothing for people faint of heart, and also people with a weak stomache should be cautionus with watching this :D

    I didn't win anything with it, but many people meant that my AMV was brilliant :)

    Have fun ^^

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