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  • Member: Varda_Morrigan
  • Studio: The Last Of ...
  • Title: Kyo
  • Premiered: 2006-08-09
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  • Song:
    • Limp Bizket Behind Blue Eyes
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  • Comments: I'd like that my next AMV will be better. Please if you get me only 1 or 2 stars,leave though quick comments.

    My mother tongue isn't English, so always, when I decide to do AMV I search song's translate. When I 'm searching "Behind blue eyes" I find variety translates. Sometimes people translated "blue eyes" as "eyes in sky's color", but others translated these words as "sad eyes" - so I suspect, that these words can be an idiom. In my work I decided to acknowledge that "blue eyes" mean "sad eyes". Because "sad eyes" suit to my AMV, and "eyes in sky's color" no.

    This AMV talks about Kyo Sohmam, but not about crazy Kyo, who always wants to fight with Yuki and escape in front of Kagura, but about Kyo, who feels alone and rejected, who blames Yuki, who finds lift in Tohru.
    I chose "Behind blue eyes" for this AMV, because in my opinion this song suits to this story. It is rather slow song, but it has what it takes.

    I have a hope, that you will enjoy with this AMV.

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