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  • Member: nailz
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Teh Ring
  • Premiered: 2002-11-25
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    • The Ring Trailer
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  • Comments: This video took me about 3 weeks to finish. Not too bad. It's short and sweet, with audio only extending to 1:15 or so, making it an easy trailer to make. I first got the idea to make this when I saw the preview at the theater. I sat on it for a little while, and then out of boredom, I started and never looked back.

    What I loved about making this trailer was the fact that there were few sound effects I HAD to synch, where this is far from the norm, this provided me with great flexibility. Also, it's not DigiFX driven either, as many lain videos seem to be.

    I didn't stray too far from the general plot of the movie at all, but I didn't match scenes either. Do not watch this thinking I did. If you do, You'll be disappointed.

    So, without further Ado...

    Contest Awards: Mindwarp 2003 Fall/Winter Best Horror

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