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  • Member: Kabuto Yakushi
  • Title: Tales of the Clow
  • Premiered: 2006-08-20
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Game
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  • Comments: ^^ I had this Idea for a long time and then I found out that there is a AMV contest on a site I`m on, so I decided to make it and have it as one of the entres. I worked extremly hard on this! I tried to make thi AMV to tell a story, about how Sakura became master of the Clow.
    Please no rude comments. Thank You.

    Song:Game by Ayumi Hamasaki
    Footage: Cardcaptor Sakura
    Made with Windows movie maker

    Enjoy Tales of the Clow!

    Small comments:

    2006-11-01 18:05:28
    Wow! This vid is amazing! Finally someone who really knows how to use this awesome song! (There are a couple impressive vids with it but you use certain nuances better!) I really wish it was higher quality so I could see the timing better... if you still have the project pretty please make higher quality, perhaps lower resolution but high-framerate or something? This rocks so much and is obviously way full of effort! 6 stars! Wait... I can't do that? Alright, 5 then. ^_^

    2006-08-25 22:58:45
    Really nice editing, but I wish that the video quality and other technical points could have been cleaned up more. Definitely a video with tons of promise. Maybe something you'd consider remastering someday?

    2006-08-21 17:03:28
    For using Windows Movie Maker, you did a goo job. Very dramatic, and the syncing was well done.

    2006-08-21 13:28:10

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