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  • Member: Ileia
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Office is Closed. Due to Zombies.
  • Premiered: 2006-08-17
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    • Jonathan Coulton Re: Your Brains
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  • Comments: I finished this video to somewhere around 90% about a month ago, then got distracted by other videos. >_> I had wanted to send it to AWA Pro, then decided it wasn't gonna be good enough for Pro, and in the end decided just to send it to AWA Expo.

    The IM boxes: I got them a really odd way. My photoshop skills are decidedly lacking, so I actually made two new screennames, installed an older version of AIM on my comp, along with Trillian, turned my resolution down so that the words would be huge and readable, and took screenshots of having a conversation with myself.

    The "Intermission": Two things: The letterboxing and the skipping. The change of the aspect ratio doesn't bother me, and so I didn't bother to crop them off. If it bothers you...uh...sorry? And the skipping, for some reason Magix doesn't like live-action footage. No matter what I tried, it still made it skip. The scenes that I chose were the /least/ skippy.

    The Video Overall: I would've preferred more scene changes, and a faster pace...but..there were not enough ghouls to go around. ;_; The text that I added was added because I felt that the scenes were going too slow.

    Thanks to all my beta-testers, including but not limited to JubJub, Kitsuner, Kristyrat, InfinitySquared, AquaSky and especially Fall_Child42. (And Prod cuz he whined about it and Matty because Matty will be great soon, whether he knows it or not. :-P) I wouldn't have done it without you, FC. >_>

    And thanks to JudgeHolden for the song!

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