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  • Member: Katsumi_19
  • Title: Distant Utopia
  • Premiered: 2006-07-15
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    • Harry Gregson Williams Metal Gear Solid 3 Main Theme
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  • Comments: I think this is my best amv of Fate. Is the first time that I edited the sound.

    Please, leave a opinion =)

    Sorry my bad english

    P.S: The translation is in portuguese (Brazil) ^^'

    My english is not good but, i'll try put the translation in english here.

    Rin: It seemed such a long...
    Rin: ...yet such a short time...
    Rin: ... until this day.
    Rin: You have entered in a certain "game"...
    Rin: ...which consists in seven Masters killing each other
    Shirou: Don't joke.
    Shirou: I won't die so easily.
    Shirou: I can't die in such insignificant way.
    Kiritsugu: Magic is something that will bring conflict.
    Kiritsugu: But the more important is...
    Kiritsugu: ...not to use for your sake,
    Kiritsugu: ... but only to help other people.
    Shirou: Just like my father save me...
    Shirou: ... i'll save someone.
    Shirou: I'll become the justice savior
    Gilgamesh: Fool.
    Gilgamesh: You don't know where you belong, don't you?
    Gilgamesh: Mongrel.
    Kotomine: Kill your Master.
    Kotomine: Do it and your desire will be fulfilled.
    Ilyasviel: Weak!
    Ilyasviel: You lost your weapon before you can use it?
    Archer: Don't be afraid and come to me.
    Archer: Unlimited Blade Works
    Saber: Shirou, keep out.
    Caster: Me and all this temple are one...
    Caster: ... you don't have ability to defeat me!
    Shirou: Come on...
    Lancer: Heroic souls like us, to begin with...
    Lancer: don't should be interested in second life!
    Rider: It's look like you don't like high places...
    Rider: Vanish, Saber!
    Rin: Release: Accelerated Barrier! (German: Es l-t frei: Elite-Salve!)
    Rin: I command thee...
    Rin: Thou shalt come forth to my side,
    Rin: thy sword shalt control my fate.
    Rin: Abiding by the Holy Grail's haven,
    Rin: if thou accedest to this will and reason, then answer me.
    Shirou: I Love Saber.
    Shirou: I wan't her to be very happy.
    Shirou: I can't allow...
    Shirou: ... that for my fault...
    Shirou: ... she have her pride destroyed.
    Saber: Ex...
    Gilgamesh: Enuma El...
    Saber: ...Calibur!

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