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  • Member: Revbudadude
  • Title: GetUrAids
  • Premiered: 2006-08-16
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  • Song:
    • Family Guy You Have Aids
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  • Comments: This video originaly started out as a tribute to getadisndie but the more and more I look at the video the video doesnt really seem to capture his character. So this vid turns out to be a stand alone video instead. Hopefully he'll enjoy the vid at least since this vid was made to point out all the times he refrenced some one to get aids in his journals. In my original idea i was going to refrence his Koosh Koosh vid as well but decided not to since this vid is no longer a tribute to him. It just doesnt seem justice but hopefully he'll still enjoy it none the less. There is one little scene that i tried to fix during the lip syncing part but I have no clue what is causing it. I tried different formats and it did it in the same ones but no prevail. Maybe one day I'll fix it later but for now its staying the way it is.

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