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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: No one knows what it's like
  • Premiered: 2006-08-12
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  • Song:
    • The Who Behind Blue Eyes
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  • Comments: Here I am, finally with a new video at the hand. :)

    Well, this video is been started because of something happened in my life, something really not funny. I'll not fall into details; I usually show what I feel when I create an Amv, so this video is borned as a shower of emotions that rounded me in this last month, the video is, indeed, half sad, dark, slow, dead.. Half Angry, full of anger.

    I've also edited the music, since I was not liking much the "country" instrumental part.

    As a simple Amv,
    this is absolutely one of the most unoriginal creations ever made, without any doubt.
    Though, I tried to create something different, as always, so, give it a chance, I tried various ideas in this work, but everyone of it just came to my head editing, nothing is been planned if not a little number of cuts, all is been created from nothing.

    I won't post the lyrics this time. Firstly because the song is really, really simple, second because I used to put some type of special subtitles in it, that, somehow, sometimes can see a karaoke, especially in the second part, the one filled with anger. Well, I hope you'll give it a chance and, if you want to post any type of comment, thanks in advance!

    This video is, in both parts, nothing more than Me.

    After I've lived the worst trauma of my whole life, I decided to sit at my desk..
    And to do this video, that, indeed.. Has all my feelings, all my thoughts, all my emotions into it. It's somehow the most unique video I ever made and.. Somehow, it could be -luckly- an unique example, here at The unique way I found to express myself was this one.
    Well, friends, Enjoy it. ^^

    Technical Info

    Programs Used: Adobe After Effects 6.5 Pro; Adobe Photoshop CS
    Compression: 512x384 Xvid 1st pass; 192kbps MP3 Audio

    Sadly I have a huge problem with compression, since I like and I have a particular use of the noise effect, compression usually become the worst experience possible, because the wonderful way it was looking becomes just something that seems a bad quality clip. So, many clips of this video that had some type of "Style" became something that is just "Bad-Looking"
    And not saying that the size is huge.

    A little note: Always because of this horrible compression problem, the clip at 1:15 is not clear, with blood I wrote "My love is vengeace". For the others I won't make a list, simply I have to warn you that if you think "Buah this clip seems made in Movie Maker", well, it's not, it was just made with a noise effect that became that shit. |:

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