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  • Member: Herbert West
  • Title: Unfinished Business
  • Premiered: 2006-08-13
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Candy Taylor Make a Move
    • die ärzte Männer sind Schweine
    • Dragon Ash Drugs can't kill Teens
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC All Hell Breaks Loose
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Electric Romeo
    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Spiritus Electros
    • Keith Emerson Inferno (Main titles theme)
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  • Comments: This is a compilation of all my AMVs i started in the last few years but never finished for several reasons.

    Part 1 - Drugs can't kill Teens
    Canceled Multi Editor Project of started by, i think, Zest.
    I made this part in a few days because someone left the project and they needed something to fill the gap. Don't ask me why the project was cenceled, i don't remember.

    Part 2 - Männer sind Schweine
    I worked a few days on it and after some time i thought it's too similar to my previous videos so i stopped working on it. Video source was a crappy mpg1 preview rendering.

    Part 3 - All Hell Break's Loose
    I had some experience with 3d editing software like 3D Studio max, so i always wanted to combine traditional AMV editing with 3d stuff. The clip was just a test to see how i can combine pre rendered 3d sequences with other footage - the bg was from Tenchi Universe if i remember correctly.

    Part 4 - Spiritus Elektros
    I always made the same kind of comedy AMVs, so i thought it's time to try a fast paced action AMV but after a few seconds of edited material i accepted that it's not my world ^^

    Part 5 - Make a Move
    Another Multi Editor Project initiated by that died a slow death. Lots of fun with After Effects and in the last part with 3D Studio max. I thought about making a whole AMV out of it, instead of just a MEP part, but the 3D sequences were too time consuming to even think about making a ~3 minutes video.

    Part 6 - Electric Romeo
    AMV that i started to participate in the 2006 Connichi Contest but i got interrupted so many times while making it that i completely lost interest in working on it again, so this time no contest video from me, sorry Celes ;-)

    Music: Keith Emerson - Inferno (Inferno OST)

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