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  • Member: longhairedloony
  • Studio: Hairy Canary Productions
  • Title: The Land of Lodoss
  • Premiered: 2002-03-13
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  • Song:
    • Bucks Fizz The Land of Make Believe
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My first completed anime video - hurrah! Although some people would argue that it isn't entirely anime since it uses The Last Unicorn (anyone else watch it as a kid?) but since a number of the animators went onto Studio Ghibli (apparantly) it seems ok to me to include it.

    Really, the title of this video should be "Shameless Nostalgia" since it does use The Last Unicorn and Buck's Fizz although Lodoss is far newer so the Land of Lodoss it is.

    All footage was ripped from DVDs, taking a hefty amount of space though I think the end result is worth it. Another "say a fish, show a fish" video, but I am fond of the literal approach to videos. Though one scene was completely unintentionally made - for the first chorus and mentioning of "Superman will be with us once again" I wanted to use Parn in the fight against the dragon, since he is the hero and all, and thus superman. Unfortunately the scene used is where Parn's sword becomes enchanted just before he and Ashram jump and attack the dragon - basically he holds his sword up, and glows and looks a little phallic if you don't mind me saying. Not put there intentionally, but left just because it always makes people laugh :)

    The tiniest smidgen of lip synching attempt in there - a skeleton beckoning for you to come and play and the little grassrunner (forgotten his name) at the end talking about his friend that comes to tea (get a copy of the song and listen, you'll know which bit)

    As a side note, this was the first video in which the Hairy Canary logo appeared. Since my animation skills don't exist, the little attempt to make the canary sing are extremely lacking. In fact it's quite lame. Never mind. It's getting kept in there anyway. Extra note: music at the opening is the Beatles, since this video was inspired by my brother and completed just in time for his birthday (awww!)

    Thanks to Phade and this amazing Dangling Carrot and Golden Donut idea, this video is finally available for download! Sorry that it's so bloody big in size but this is the only copy I have left after a year. Oh well. Download, enjoy, and if it's not too much trouble, let me have a review. I know I need to improve but would like some nudges in the right direction.

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