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  • Member: Parodic Productions
  • Studio: Parodic Productions
  • Title: Floyd's Nightmare (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Voices in my Head)
  • Premiered: 2006-08-04
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    • A Perfect Circle Counting Bodies Lke Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums
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  • Comments: Coordinator's Choice at Otakon 2006, and an Honorable Mention in the Comedy Category at AnimeNext 2006. I'd say it was a good year.

    Special thanks goes out to Floyd Russell of Black Sun Productions for his original video which mine parodies. I figured either this video or Naruto's Technique Beat. I think I made the right choice. And thanks to everyone at Otakon for enjoying the video. I didn't go to AnimeNEXT, so I'm not sure about them.

    Brief Effects and Easter Eggs notes:

    00:07 - Penny Arcade frame. This piece is special since it marked the time when Mike Krahulik asked another artist for a reference shot to make this piece.

    00:09 - Chiyo's Dad replaces Rei. Just a simple overlap effect, but fun nonetheless.

    00:20 - 00:29 - These are actually the only scenes where I really used AfterEffects just to change the color schematics the way I wanted them.

    00:47 - 00:50 - Nice overlapping effect with the windows. Thank you green screen and Photoshop!

    00:54 - Bush's twisted heads from A Perfect Circle's original video of this song. If anyone remembers, the original video portrayed Bush pumping blood and turning people into sheep, leading them all into a meat grinder. Back in 2004. AND HE'S STILL F***in' PRESIDENT!

    01:02 - 01:04 - Another nice overlapping. Took awhile to get each frame to fit together so well.

    01:04 - 01:06 - I am teh l337 master! Join me and together we will rule this network as editor and other! Only more evil.

    01:10 - 01:11 - I just can't pass this one up. Getting the reactions on these girls synched together just looks really good. Some great editing, I feel.

    01:12 - 01:13 - Was it worth it?

    01:15 - 01:18 - More great overlapping. I should point out that AfterEffects was only used for Chiyo here so that I could fit her in best in this scene. This one was a toughy, getting her to fit in a teenaged sized space, not to mention the pigtails.

    01:30 - 01:40 - The words portion was fun just making up. I got a great smile placing Adam Corolla's picture into this scene. The AfterEffects scene satirized the recent overflow of unnecessary effects videos nowadays on the org. I know Floyd didn't even make his video with AfterEffects. Just getting my point out. hah hah.

    01:48 - 01:54 - This scene I also liked making. The scenes correlate extremely well with each other, and it leaves you with a very valuable lesson.

    01:58 - 02:01 - This was a bitch. I had to get into each square, triangle and obtuse shape with a green screen. Long long time, so you'd better appreciate it!

    02:03 - Replaced Floyd's original T-Shirt with an image from VG Cats.

    02:06 - 02:11 - Ever wondered who Shinji was talking to on the phone in the last video? Neither did I, but I synched this scene anyway.

    02:12 - On the top, you'll see the Brass Monkey, one of my favorite bars in Baltimore. Downright, I found out what the voices were really coming from. And to the right, Kevin Caldwell still lives within us all.

    02:14 - 02:15 - Trogdor's appearance. My own little backlash against a certain video at last year's con. Nothing personal.

    02:16 - 02:17 - Osaka's little grammar problem with Elevator and Escalator.

    02:18 - 02:22 - Sex education was never more fun...unless you've seen Bible Black.

    02:37 - 02:39 - I just felt this scene needed to be done in grayscale. Helped to give each yawn a dreary, tired feeling.

    02:48 - 02:51 - My favorite overlap. I think everyone agrees with me on this one.

    03:11 - Those lazy Tokyo school days. What the hell's the guy on the left looking at?
    Also a brief glimpse of the hungry tv set.

    03:12 - Lastly, I had the word sleep translated to its appropriate Kanji (at least I hope it's right).

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Feel free to send any suggestions.

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